The Trump administration says that we’ll “just have to live” with COVID-19; it can’t be controlled. Yet, in Waterville, we know those statements are not true. Colby College is actually managing COVID within their population.

Rigorous testing, contract tracing, mandatory mask wearing, as well as social distancing and sanitizing do work. The overall infection rate is low. When there is an outbreak, the origin can be identified and corrected. Colby officials listened to top public health officials to craft their strategies.

New York’s Gov. Cuomo successfully used this plan for a whole state. Gov. Mills and Dr. Shah are trying to do the same in Maine.

This pandemic can be brought under control if we get new leadership at the national level. We never had to suffer the extreme losses and now unbridled explosion of new cases. There is a plan available. Guess it’s just too much work for the Trump administration.


Kathleen Moore


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