Recently Joe Grant of Wiscasset wrote that President Trump respects our military members, and he believes their sacrifices “weigh heavy on his heart.” (“Trump has shown respect for the military,” letter, Sept. 24)

With all due respect to Grant’s military service in Vietnam, I believe he must have missed Trump’s interview in 2015, when he talked about John McCain’s former POW status, and said he liked people who weren’t captured over those who were.

Does being captured, in and of itself, make one a “war hero”? I think that’s up to each of us to decide. But it must be remembered, McCain was offered early release by the North Vietnamese because McCain’s father was commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific. McCain refused. In my opinion, that makes McCain a hero.

Trump’s comments were a slap across the face to all former POWs, as well as every man and woman who has ever served honorably in the armed forces.

Trump doesn’t care about you, me, our country, our military or our veterans. Trump cares about Trump — period!

Mike Barron


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