Forty eight years ago the Equal Employment Opportunity Act was passed. Yet, women are still not equally represented in a number of occupations. I applaud New Ventures Maine for delivering their Totally Trades event for the past 19 years to show young women opportunities in career fields they might not have considered.

At Capital Area Technical Center, we serve a similar mission. We have 15 diverse career and technical programs for high school students that can lead to over 1,500 different jobs. Our programs don’t box students into one job, but put them on a pathway where students can pursue anything from an entry-level job to a technical occupation to a professional career. We lay a foundation for students to pursue their interest by integrating rigorous, relevant academics with technical and professional skills.

A four-year degree does not have the same guarantee of prosperity as in previous generations. There are many well-paying careers that do not require a four-year degree. College is an expensive model for career exploration. Programs like Totally Trades or attending a career and technical education program can help one decide whether a college education is a good choice for a student.

It has been said that Maine has the oldest population in the nation and the median age of residents is nearing retirement. This will leave a plethora of open jobs in the next few years. What a great time to be young and have so many opportunities on the horizon.

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Stephanie Turgeon
student services coordinator
Capital Area Technical Center

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