I find the current state of our political discourse, both nationally and at the state level, so disheartening, and sometimes frightening. So it should come as no surprise that I sensed real hope for positive change in Augusta when I met the energetic, positive, and talented Erin Herbig.

She hails from a hard-working business (Republican) family (as do I). She also comes with a breadth of both public-service and practical experience, and a strong dose of common sense, adding up to being the obvious good choice for Waldo County’s next state senator.

I recently asked Erin how she would describe her political platform. Essentially, Erin is here to work for all Mainers. She knows we need a sustainable, diverse and developing economy. She sees a lot of people working harder than ever and not getting ahead. Erin sees rural Maine falling behind in the economy and is committed to staying at the table and working with whoever she can to make sure that our part of the state continues to thrive.

Please vote Herbig in November.

Jeffrey Brawn


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