I am enthusiastically voting in November to replace Sen. Scott Cyrway with Karen Kusiak. While this will be an affirmative vote for Kusiak, it also is a disapproval of Cyrway’s undistinguished record.

Cyrway voted for the Republican tax cut for the wealthy knowing that this would slash revenues. Those revenues would have flowed to Waterville through the state revenue sharing program. I never heard or saw Cyrway stand up for Waterville’s critical need to reduce the property tax burden. Added revenue sharing would have done exactly that. I hope that voters in District 16’s other towns will understand that Waterville carries a load that benefits the entire region.

This is just one small example of a totally undistinguished record. I know that Kusiak will support repeal of that tax bill, a bill that redistributed income upward. I know that she will support full funding of the state’s obligation to public education. I know she will stand up for a woman’s right to control her own medical care. I know that she will be an advocate for every single town and every single voter in 16.

For those committed to the “cut, cut and cut again,” trickle-down ideology of too many Republicans, this plea will fall on deaf ears. We need to represent our interests in the Senate. We need to send someone to that critical body who has no ideology, who has common sense, and looks out for the best interests of all her constituents.

Above all, to all those who sit on the sidelines, it is time to register to vote.

Stephen R. Aucoin


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