Susan Collins cannot fix the McConnell-led U.S. Senate. The GOP has reduced protections for air, water, and wildlife; allowed public lands to be turned over to fossil fuel companies; chipped away health care access while creating nothing better; gone backwards instead of slowing down climate change; and eroded relationships with our allies at a time when strong team work is needed.

Unbelievably, the GOP Senate stopped a new COVID relief package from reaching unemployed Mainers and local governments this fall.

The GOP Senate won’t even reauthorize “The Violence Against Women Act,” a usually bipartisan effort to end domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking, instead proposing to weaken it. And it hampered efforts to strengthen elections from foreign interference.

The price of Collins’ seniority is Senate leadership that is bad for Maine and our country.
Vote for Sara Gideon. Please end the negative direction of the McConnell Senate.


Catherine Murray


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