On Nov. 3, our votes will go to George Lapointe for Hallowell mayor. Through his past experiences at the federal, state, and local levels, he knows how governments work, and sometimes do not.

Through his volunteer work, we know he is passionate about economic and community development, and social justice and equity. Through owning a business, he understands how to develop budgets and execute strategies, and is willing to pivot and adapt to changing circumstances.

George has a bias for action. His communications skills, especially his ability to listen, are excellent, and he will seek input from stakeholders and approach issues with an open mind. He will also make the tough decisions when merited.

George is passionate about Hallowell, loves people and animals, and has a great sense of humor, all great qualities to have as mayor. Above all, if elected, he will hit the ground running on Day One.


Maria Fuentes and Jeff Romano


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