How can you trust a business that didn’t have the sense to not screw up having a monopoly?

As someone who has decades of business experience I understand what a gift it is to own a monopoly. A monopoly can be defined as: Exclusive control by one group of the means of producing or selling a commodity or service. What isn’t mentioned is when you own a utility in Maine your guaranteed to make a profit. Wow, how many businesses do you know that make a guaranteed profit? If you were the CEO of Avangrid why would allow your company to obtain the lowest customer service rating by JD power in the country? Lower than Pacific Gas and Electric, who had to declare bankruptcy.

Avangrid had a golden goose and fed it french fries until it puked. Now the goose is fat and in trouble. If any for profit company had such a low level of customer service they would lose their customers and go bankrupt. CMP owners have not valued or cherished the monopoly they have and don’t deserve it. How can they be trusted going forward? That’s why I’m voting to change ownership. It’s not about the employees of CMP or Versant, its about local control and making the operator accountable.


Mark Scribner


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