I find it extremely interesting that in 2021 then-Rep. Charlotte Warren supported legislation to replace our state’s two largest investor-owned power companies with one overseen by an elected board. Rep. Warren voted to override Gov. Mills’ veto of the legislation, L.D. 1708. Warren now strongly opposes Question 3. Warren’s consulting firm, Charlotte Warren Consulting Services, appears to be being paid to voice opposition to Question 3.

Thanks to responsible reporting by the Bangor Daily News, we now have learned that Warren is working for Digital Turf. Digital Turf is an online ad firm that has received more than $344,000 from Maine Affordable Energy. Maine Affordable Energy has received more than $18 million from Avangrid in opposition to Question 3.

Warren is now a very public face of CMP’s campaign in opposition to Question 3. Warren has stated, “I know a lot about how politics works, and the idea of having politicians run our grid scares me”.

It’s interesting that Warren is a voting trustee of the Greater Augusta Utility District for the town of Hallowell. A political appointment. If you check Warren’s educational and professional background, there is absolutely nothing that makes her qualified for that position.

Warren is fine with being a former politician who is now a trustee overseeing water and wastewater treatment systems.

Warren is doing exactly what she has stated as one of her reasons to oppose Question 3.


I’m voting yes.


Mike Grove

Belgrade Lakes

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