I have had the honor and privilege serving the people of my hometown as both a representative and senator for 16 years. I have met and work with many of the good ones who also severed. I endorse Dennis Keschl, one of those good ones, for state representative.

Denny and I have known each other for over 25 years. I worked with him while he was at the Department of Enivoronmental Protetion and the Public Utilities Commission, and as Belgrade town manager and as a state representative.

As a legislator on the Appropriations Committee, Denny used his knowledge to help develop and pass a thoughtful budget. He did his homework in preparing for the hearings. He worked to solutions and common ground. When we disagreed, we did so respectfully.

Please return Denny to the House of Representatives this November. We need people like him serving this wonderful state of ours.

Sen. Tom Saviello


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