Look past the big spending candidates — it’s easy.

The other night I watched the four candidates for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District on TV. The two major-party candidates used most of the time trying to paint their opponent as a liar and avoided engagement with either independent. I learned nothing new.

Independent Tiffany Bond has a well-crafted website — bond2018.com — that had everything I needed. Using Google I also found positive reviews of her work as a family lawyer. With ranked-choice voting in play I won’t be wasting my vote on her. She’s not taking campaign contributions, and with the internet she shouldn’t need to.

I’d love to see Mainers look past the high-priced uninformative ads and pick a winner using inexpensive modern technology and word of mouth. Check out her website (and the others too) and see if you don’t agree with me; most libraries have free internet.

David Young


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