I’m an unenrolled voter in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District tired of looking at those big “Bruce Poliquin Our Congressman” signs on just about every corner.

So, when I see one, I think, “Bruce Poliquin Our Wealthy Congressman who pushed the tax cut package for the rich that has tiny benefits for working-class Mainers.” Naturally, the deficit ballooned and Republicans immediately called for slashing Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Or, “Bruce Poliquin Our Congressman who dodges reporters and his own constituents, even hiding in restrooms to avoid explaining his positions to the folks at home.” In fact, he doesn’t represent the folks at home but moneyed interests primarily interested in fleecing us while they trash the planet.

Want more mercury with your salmon dinner? Or less financial regulation with your credit card bill to catch a few extra charges? Then vote for Bruce Poliquin Our Congressman.

Not me — I’m Golden.

Lenny Reich


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