Republicans have brought us Supreme Court justices who believe corporations have rights like people instead of privileges granted by the people, as well as justices who force their religious beliefs into private love lives of innocent women through abortion restrictions.

They brought us George W. Bush, who looked aside as bankers brought on the worst recession since the Depression. They brought us a governor who is environmental enemy No. 1, contemptuous of renewable energy, and touting oil drilling.

And they brought us Donald Trump screaming that poor families fleeing thugs are rapists and terrorists while inviting his buddy Putin, that great humanitarian, to the White House.

Before condemning today’s asylum seekers all white Americans should ask why their own ancestors fled thugs in the old countries and chose America’s open doors as their refuge.

And we should vote in progressives who will protect our rights, our environment, and our real values of equality for all.

Phillip Davis

West Gardiner

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