Hallowell has an important decision Nov. 7 to keep our funky, vibrant city the warm, welcoming community it’s been for generations. The leader to do that is Maureen AuCoin.

I’ve lived, worked and owned a business in Hallowell for decades. The changes happening in the past three years have me worried. Cornerstone businesses such as the Harlow, the Wharf and others have closed while rising rents threaten others. Add claims of discrimination against city employees, the loss of parades and a lack of affordable housing for our artists and musicians and you end up losing what’s made Hallowell great.

Maureen AuCoin recognizes these changes and is working to solve our housing challenges; to bring an economic developer on board to help businesses and our downtown; and continually representing diverse voices to keep Hallowell unique.

I know that with your votes and Mayor Mo, Hallowell can get back on track.

Bruce Mayo

owner, Easy Street Lounge


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