Councilor Courtney Gary-Allen brings experience and vision that is essential for the future of Augusta.

Augusta has come a long way over the last decade and continued progress over the next will demand forethought and consideration. Gary-Allen has proven over the past three years that she thinks carefully about Augusta’s future when she casts her vote. The downtown revitalization effort will not be won by sacrificing the long-term direction of Augusta for a quick win. Gary-Allen voted against the self-storage proposal in Augusta Plaza and showed that she envisions a brighter, better downtown.

She brings immeasurable experience to the council through her advocacy work on behalf of the recovery and unhoused communities. There are few individuals more qualified to work on solving these problems in the state, not to mention in our city. We are immensely lucky to have her here.

Councilor Gary-Allen has my vote for reelection on Nov. 7, and I hope she has yours too.

Scott Moucka


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