With all the chaos that’s going on in Washington right now, I can’t believe people are seriously considering putting politicians in charge of anything, let alone something as important as our electricity. That’s just absurd.

The premise behind Question 3, a government takeover of our private utilities, has been kicking around Augusta for a few years now. But supporters have never been able to muster enough votes to make it the law. And, for good reasons. It’ll likely cost us ratepayers more than $10 billion plus interest to buy up the two utilities. Then we’ll elect politicians who won’t need to know the difference between a wire and a pole yet they’ll run an entirely new statewide, state-owned utility called Pine Tree Power.

A lot of really smart people work for our utilities now. They’re out in full force in the worst of conditions keeping our lights on and our families safe. I trust them, way more than politicians, to make the best decisions for our electric grid.

Pine Tree Power is an expensive risk that I’m not willing to take. I’ll be voting no on Question 3 this November.


Connor Liberty


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