Residents of Ward 2 in Hallowell have an opportunity to vote for a new voice on City Council in Hannah Barry. Hannah will bring compassion, patience and understanding and is committed to elevating your concerns.

As a renter, Hannah offers a vital perspective that is missing on council. It seems a lot of attention is rightfully placed on housing and affordability in Hallowell. And yet, there remains no representation of the many, many community members living downtown and struggling with rising rents. As a resident of downtown, Hannah also lives the realities of parking, walkability and business vitality.

Having worked with Hannah on a variety of issues and projects, I have been impressed by their intellect and their ability to consider many possibilities before forging ahead thoughtfully towards what is right and fair. Residents of Ward 2, vote for Hannah Barry on Nov. 7 and feel supported in your local government.

Alex AuCoin


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