As a longtime Waterville resident, I am excited to support Karen Kusiak for state Senate for several reasons. I vote regularly and these past two years have voted for referendum issues that won the popular vote: expanded Medicare, more support for public schooling, ranked-choice voting, and a living wage for Maine workers.

We have seen these issues get smacked down by the Maine Legislature, often by Karen’s opponent this year, Sen. Scott Cyrway, who opposed these citizen-supported referenda blocking what we the people voted for. Karen says she will listen to what the voters say (I thought that was what it meant to be a democracy) and support referenda that win a popular vote.

I also support Karen because she is a strong advocate for public education, which is the only way that we can really improve Maine’s economic standing and the quality of life for all our residents.

Finally I support Karen because she has a remarkable record of public service, including being on the School Administrative District 49 school board for several years, serving in the Legislature for a term, and being a board member of local non-profit agencies. I urge any of you who are planning to vote in this upcoming election to support Karen Kusiak who will support all the people of Maine.

Lea Girardin


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