The biggest thing I think people need to know about the proposed plastic bag ban in Waterville is that the plan doesn’t say you can’t bring in those single-use bags and use them. Instead, it forces stores and consumers alike to be conscious of their decision to use multiple bags that are not needed.

I see it daily, people wanting a bag for their one item. When they find out a bag costs 3 cents, they realize they don’t need a bag. Once people get used to the idea of bringing their own bags, business will return back to normal.

Change is hard for most people, but it is inevitable. If we want to leave a clean and healthy place behind for children and grandchildren, we need to embrace this ban. I wish it didn’t take a bag ban to make people conscious of their actions, but when it comes to the environment, I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

Toby Rose


manager of Save A Lot in Waterville

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