As a young farmer in Lincoln County who cares about the future of Maine, Chloe Maxmin has my unequivocal support in her campaign to be our next state representative.

I’m thankful for the leadership of previous generations, and I see a need for fresh perspectives. The old systems are not working for the majority of Mainers. I think people like Chloe who believe in investing in our people and communities are integral to the success of our state.

I trust Chloe because she grew up right here in Maine with authentic relationships to the people here. She attended a community meeting at my house not to campaign, but simply to listen and share a meal. She is clearly grounded in this area of Maine while seeing us in the context of the rest of the state and country.

I’m proud to vote for Chloe Maxmin on Election Day, Nov. 6.

Jessie Spector


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