I’m writing about college students and parking. Just the other day I went down Main Street and into the Concourse. In all I counted around 30 or more out-of-state license plates parked in these spots. I went by a couple of hours later and these same plate numbers were in the same spots.

My question is, when all of this talk was going on about the new dorm we (as in the people of Waterville) were told that students would be parking on campus and using a shuttle. I guess that must have fallen on deaf ears since they park wherever they want.

Also while I was going down Main Street, people had to hit their brakes hard because a student just walked out in front of traffic instead of pushing the button to stop traffic for a safe crossing. I guess the students forget where they are. Someone is going to get hit one of these days if the students keep doing this, and also come snow time I wonder how many of these cars parked where they are not suppose to be parked will be towed at Waterville’s expense.

Craig Pellerin


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