My name is Jason Putnam, and I am running for the Maine House to represent Alna, Pittston, Randolph and Wiscasset. Like most people, I’m busy with work and family, but I felt I had to stand up and do something about the way working people are being treated by current politicians.

Government should be unobtrusive, and serve the people. We don’t need government telling us how to live our lives; we want government to do what we tell it to do to make our lives better.

In Maine, that includes requiring employers to pay a decent wage, expanding Medicaid to cover more people, funding education through the state at the required 55 percent to keep the burden off property taxes, and generally respecting the will of voters.

When elected, I will work to make sure government stays out of our private lives, does what we ask it to, and makes life better for regular people.

Jason Putnam


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