As a Waterville Ward 1 resident and voter, I ask you to please join in voting for Cathy Weeks on Nov. 6.

Cathy is a lifelong resident of Ward 1 who is empathetic of residents who are seeking change from the status quo on what is happening in Waterville. She has canvased Ward 1 with great effort and succeeded in meeting with residents to listen to their concerns and needs. In the last year, she has witnessed lifelong residents sell their homes, while others having to place their home on the market, because of ever-increasing property taxes.

In recent months, I have joined Cathy at several City Council meetings, where she is unafraid to speak, with much intelligence, on the matters at hand.

As a professional with faith-based moral character, Cathy Weeks is the absolute dedicated and strong voice needed for the constituents of Ward 1.

Veronica Gurney, Ward 1


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