We live in a very divided nation and extreme positions seem to rule the public square. It is not fair to half the country to have a Supreme Court, or any court for that matter, dominated by far left or far right partisan appointees. Judges should be moderate, middle-of-the-road arbiters who are not beholden to any particular party or way of thinking.

Brett Kavanaugh does not meet this criteria and Sen. Susan Collins knows it. She betrayed the trust of her constituents. Barack Obama seemed to understand this principle and nominated a reasonable moderate judge whose rightful seat was stolen from him.

There is much talk of government overreach but the real problem is corporate overrreach. Corporations have their claws into virtually every American and virtually every aspect of our lives.

Government oversight and checks and balances are critical to keeping corporations, whose only law is the almighty profit, from enslaving the public to their particluar greedy agendas. Kavanaugh has always ruled in favor of corporate power and this will surely continue, to the detriment of individual freedoms.

Steve Meyerhans


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