Maine residents do not need Central Maine Power’s proposed transmission line because it would cut a long and wide swath through some of Maine’s last wilderness. If we give CMP permission, then there’s no turning back. You can’t change your mind later because this untrammeled area would first be clear cut, then drenched with herbicide, and unsightly enormous towers erected. All this for the purpose of making money.

The land is our heritage, and it should belong to all Maine residents. If we Mainers don’t protect our lands, then nobody will. We are caretakers and custodians of our environment, and that’s a big and wonderful gift that bears some responsibility.

Instead of these monolithic projects, we must demand that CMP encourage small-scale solar use. Let homeowners benefit from this free energy source. Sadly, but predictably, CMP hates the idea of people using sunshine to make their own electricity. After all, where’s the money to be made, since they haven’t yet figured out how to own the sun?

Stop the transmission line now. It will only enrich out-of-state and foreign interests, and remember that CMP is owned by a corporation somewhere in Spain. You can bet that the executives in Europe never heard of The Forks, the Dead River, Number Five Mountain, Hobbstown Depot and the Kennebec Gorge. If you haven’t heard of these places either, then visit the area that would be violated and you’ll feel its beauty and fully understand why it should remain as it is.

Stu Silverstein


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