The media has given plenty of coverage to the Russia investigation and the way the Department of Justice is conducting itself with the president and his lawyers. Every action by the president has been scrutinized from every angle on this issue. I hope that this distraction ends soon so that the country can get back on track.

The president’s only option to end this situation would be to fire those that are investigating him. This would be a horrible idea with devastating consequences. There is also an obvious issue with ignoring the law of the land. Contrary to popular belief, the Constitution is still superior to feelings, emotions, or anything that makes someone feel uncomfortable. A disregard of the balance of power instituted in our nation would be catastrophic for future generations and the freedom that has been given throughout our country’s history.

To give the president a free pass from the rule of law would mean that our standard for liberty, that “all men are created equal,” would no longer apply. When there are rights given to some and not all, justice is not freely extended.

The investigation must continue and will end in a positive way for the country. We should feel safe from the invasion of another power, whether in physical or political form. The American people have the right to know, and if there is no collusion, the president should feel fine with an investigation. As the process continues, I eagerly await its findings, as do the American people.

Keith Herrick

West Gardiner

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