Property taxpayers and renters whose rental rate is indexed to increased property taxes, please join us in voting for a change.

The 2018-19 average county property tax increase, 4.41 percent, is higher than the cost of living, higher than the Social Security adjustment, higher than Maine state retirement system increase, and for most workers in Kennebec County, higher than any wage increase.

We need to vote for Joe Pietroski for Kennebec County commissioner. His incumbent opponent has been county commissioner for 36 years. This November will be only the second time that we have had a choice for change.

Pietroski has the financial experience to lead efforts to cut costs internally and to develop a strategic financial plan to meet future revenue shortfalls. My family and friends trust Joe Pietroski to bring new leadership and new solutions to the Kennebec County Commission.

Susan S. Thomas

Judith Stebbins

Arthur Hawthorne


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