Question 2 on the statewide ballot says, “Do you favor a $30,000,000 bond issue to improve water quality, support the planning and construction of wastewater treatment facilities and assist homeowners whose homes are served by substandard or malfunctioning wastewater treatment systems?”

The Vassalboro Sanitary District has three wastewater facilities that discharge to the Outlet Stream of China Lake. The facilities treat sewage from properties in East and North Vassalboro. The systems are sand filters and are around 40 years old. The average life of a wastewater treatment system is typically 20 years. The Outlet Stream is too small to accept treated effluent while still maintaining adequate water quality standards required by state law for supporting adequate aquatic ecosystems. The sanitary district is under orders from Maine Department of Environmental Protection to either update the treatment system or remove it from the Outlet Stream.

The district has chosen to pipe the sewage to Winslow for treatment at their wastewater facility under guidance by consulting engineers. This project is estimated to cost around $7 million for around 190 users; a significant burden for a small town, The district has applied for grants and loans to the maximum extent possible but was disappointed to learn that we are still nearly $1 million short of the low bid for this project.

We desperately need the money that this bond could support should it pass the November election. When you go to the polls please vote yes on Question 2. Besides making thing better in Vassalboro, there are other towns or facilities that could benefit as well. This bond will result in water quality improvements for Maine waters which should also result in economic benefits for this state.

Paul Mitnik


Vassalboro Sanitary District

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