Wow — I just looked at the signs in my driveway and realized that in my little corner of Kennebec County, I have the opportunity to vote for a slate of state and local candidates who are all women.

These women — Attorney General Janet Mills, Sen. Shenna Bellows, Rep. Charlotte Warren, District Attorney Maeghan Maloney, Register of Deeds Beverly Bustin-Hatheway, County Commissioner Nancy Rines, and my local city councilor, Kate Dufour, all have many years of experience and wisdom gained from that.

In these troubled times, we don’t want amateurs leading us. These people recognize that once elected, they represent and serve all of the folks in their district, not only the people who voted for them.

Please join me in voting for these highly qualified women — it’s about time.

By the way, I am voting for a man — Sen. Angus King, who has done a great job. Even if he is a guy.

Joan Sturmthal


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