Recently, a friend asked if Islandport Press might use a portrait I shot of him a few years back for their forthcoming book of his Instagram images, “A Senator’s Eye.” I was honored to contribute. “Hell yes!” says I.

The introduction was offered by Sen. Cory Booker from my home state of New Jersey. His opening line: “The moment I met him I knew there’s something special about Angus King.” Other than knowing his way around a Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich, Booker is my second favorite senator doing “the people’s work,” be it in Jersey or Maine. Both conduct himself with dignity and courage in the midst of the unparalleled maelstrom of malfeasance in Washington today.

I sleep better knowing guys like this are down there takin’ care a t’ings, capisce? Certainly why I’m voting, and encourage you to vote for my friend, Sen. Angus King.

Buddy Doyle


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